The job just wasn’t for me

Didn’t expect you to listen or agree

Three or more can make a team

Corporations board room speak

teamwork makes the dream work

There’s a buzzword in my tea

Motivational stock photos

Grow your options row the seas

(Woof woof)

After I quit I was unfriended by a tweet

We became so close

everyday posts

Talked more than family

Now I’m not in the same place

As you or them, not we

Blocked my calls I’ve been replaced

And walk alone out on the street

you cropped out my forgotten face

But my shadows there. Photos of the meet

(Woof Woof Woof )

It’s just business won’t take it

Personally, Personal me

Just hopped the fence I’ll make it

Onto another winning scene

Just remember they’re not really friends

Its corporate synergy

Just like social media trends

Inherited by the meek


I’ll be there at the table

Wearing a smile and a tie

Dipping in my colder ladle

Drinking up the small talk lie

Maybe I’ll learn. Next time at “their” than

And again and again. and again

new face handshakes fake

Uncertain future new exfriends

I spent a minute longer

in the mirror

I must admit

I guess I thought this one was stronger

I need to go feed my pet

2nd opinion

I guess I thought you always knew

Why I decided when I did

We shouldn’t have another one

Almost lost our second kid

They told me she’s gonna be ok

For the twelve years or so she’ll live

I can only grant her love so strong

All the happiness I can give

Trying to fall asleep but the dog was barking loud

I thought you were taking care of it

I had to get up to check it out

I guess I thought you always knew

Why I’ve fucked up like I did

Tonight I told you the truth again

It’s like I put that gun between your lips

There’s only what the doctor said, white-coats not always right

I’ve still got my baby girl to hold

wish I still had a wife

A roadie without a band

Driving in my uncles truck

Somewhere east of Omaha

You can listen

The highway became a thunder cloud

Pulled on over exit law

Truck stop entrance

Busts of cougar heads

tables made of engines

Open bar sign pressboard walls

Anxiety told me not to hurry

Just to wring my hands and worry

About nothing’s there at all

Whiskey is pouring how did?

Some one eyed man telling me stories

I need to write down what he saw

I know my poems might become boring

Traveling man settles too

Can’t drive in midnight flurries

You drank the kool-aid at the zoo

It tried to bite me did that kitten

I found it in the fields

I looked down at what I’d written

Blind old woman getting feels

Wrapped her legs up in a blanky

Rocking chair, sewing needles.

southern tease once in high heels

Now she’s cackling at my limpness

Turning pages, turning wheels

Driving south a stolen Mountaineer

Heading for those border hills

Only one headlight in my chandelier

Purple mountains majesty. Barely paid the bills

What. a guess?

Blast from ass. given

from the point of contact

This a belligerent malcontent

dinner date, and ability to vent

a paradigm of passive aggressiveness

in a sea of malcontent

-to your-

finger triggered winner

The Democrat on the fence


Meet your

Blessed be the. faker in a dress

(S)he passes gas


Would’ve. could a Guest?

Best not to ass<u>me

They put sheets over old furniture

Chasing subtly yellow street lights

Always chasing away chasing life

Never seeing the inevitable breakdown

Casually on standby

I thought of this stitch in my side

Unfortunate hitch in my stride

As a burden slowing me down

Its actually my alibi

A reason to stop and see the sights

I had to pause along the passageway,

rub the burn out of my legs

All the city an automated package line

The rejects pushed astray

I was told I couldn’t work anymore

I’d come in again too late

They come tomorrow. They’ll take my car away

At sixty five I don’t need pride

I’m fine to live this way

I’ll walk this slow

And let them roll

And pass me like a stray

I’d rather see the colored trees

Than chase the sun away

To run right by…..

Well the pain in my side

Won’t let me anyway

I find it ok

To slow my pace

And listen to the rain

So come on over.

Take my things away

Items collected before I was grey

Empty rooms in a castle

Cast less shadows and hassles

And leave space for the dying to say

Come on over

Come on by today.





In vain. Tipping empty

5th of disdain


To be desired

There was no echo

When I cried

In vain. Sipping deftly

Sick from pain


By the fires

Down drain. Clips of plenty

Bullets rain


All the liars

Where do we let go

When they died

Brown stain. Lips so gently

Drips in veins

The abused.

I expired

The first word and the last

Trying to pull socks onto wet feet

Stretches them and you’ll spend the week

Not as confident as those with tightly covered ankles

I wonder if you and I are the same, only in different bodies.

Different memories

Does lemon resound the same

I learn to drive with one hand so you can hold my other

Your irises chase the still designs

If it rains, the dancing drops

And I

Do you think these same things?

Would you rather bare feet maybe

Holes and strings

Is it only I, cursed to search for beauty when it is already just behind

Do you realize how doomed we are, but have the strength still for that smile?

Or do you really like me

put on that disease

Enjoy the denial

My cat sits on the back of the couch cleaning paws

Wondering why we also live with dogs

I take my time slowly enjoy the sights

And let people wiz right by

Hoping they see neither path

Yours or mine

They don’t even feel their feet so distant from their minds

I met a publicist

like a socialist or capitalist

all for me and the other in reverse

curse of the Earth

Some of them try to write

Others just write to try

I can see the which by the color of their eyes

I’d rather just close mine

Open it again and process one line at a time