No father’s day card

A man’s beard will turn grey
Sure he is tired
Stressed. Ignored. Overweight.
Tired and underpaid
A man’s desires change. Hesitate.

Not so much from the burdens
But from the notion he won’t be great
All lifes aspirations gone unnoticed
Another patch of grass on a grave

One day he will come to see,
what he has made is all he will be
He won’t have time to make world peace
Or even change reality
Succumbing to us, society
He too starts to dissolve into the sea
Our nondescript, bland parlor of nobody’s
Of backseat heroes and worker bees.
An opinionated zero a lurker with a wheeze

I hope this man made a family
Before he got caught up with the squeeze
Of lifes biggest hypocrisy.

To try to please

Even still

I was sipping on a cup of coffee
But it didn’t want to talk to me

So I took it to the movies

I was too obsessed with you
To pay attention to the screen

Even after the credits. I sat there wishing
You were right there next to me

Every tune I hear
Every time I turn on the TV

I imagine telling you about it

Like how you’d tell others about the things we did together, or things I said

I was sipping on a cup of tea.

1 sugar just a splash of cream

You used to listen to me