I paved a trail around the sun and back

See what I could know

Came to find that all this falling snow

only changes the shapes of our shadows

Under the ocean is the sea

And I saw nothing without you. with me

All I could do was pretend that you are

Children’s laughter echoing from afar

And before me a forgotten toy in the overgrown yard

I paved a way to the moon for you to see the land

All you wanted though was me. my hand

Ever since we met under a willow tree

The path you paved lead straight to me

A welcome change of pace, in a found place

As the colder air turned bright green leaves upside down

The whispers of better things crept over the fence

Into our town

Relieving anxiety of perceived slights. Tight furrowed brows

Things like daddies who might actually be around

Husbands there to cure the hiccups

Trying to be scary but just ending up the clown

Some 15 years ago you dreamt he’d someday tie you

But settled you. down

Let that breeze tell its story across the grass it pushes round

About a boy became a man and found his world indeed round

And better not so large but narrowed, watered down

Better handled when not spread thin. And found

Life’s better mastered when he is ground

No more lonely songs in a Boston Market eating stale corn

But a flourishing garden. Watered flowers. Blessed dawn.

A warm cup of coffee, holding hands as the dew shines on lawns

Well met

So thats the way and where we met

Dancing in the rain

Smoking more than cigarettes

Never the same. who am I just yet?

That’s the way and where I’ll be

When I say I killed you that’s just what it meant

When I went away never see you again

Every trip another that’s the way it went

That’s the way and why we met

I keep on moving to avoid stagnated me

I keep my cards close to pocket

Take my drugs recreationally

So that’s the way and where me met

Tell me not where I’ll next be

Truthfully its who I’ll be that’s different

That’s the way and who you met


To my love don’t say goodbye we took our sweet ass golden time spent it on our lies our lies lies lies

Wasn’t much effort to walk down that ramp and uber home.

Oh well, they say we meet everyone twice. Roll the dice your dice dice dies

Superlunch and an Irish pub

So tall so wide so medicine to your demise concrete structures Such tenacity yet on the foundation the 1st floor so empty no smiles to compromise To see as usual a blank stare Old drunk cathedrals in future homeless bodies to compare So much conflict in the construct popped helium balloons lay flat on the ground Shredded newspapers playing to old empty bottles of iced tea Play around as gutters if flat bags ‘tato chips emptied Halogen like no sound on a dead end street. At least she got clean socks from the medical clinic Playing on a flat Dali truck like a robot broke funeral parlor or casino all the same If we stay spent all day drunk. again

my night amongst the masses playing and singing karaoke Riding my bike to the city streets no room to complain To 111 that street Philadelphia PA While a young girl walks behind me laughing In Patriot parking incorporated USA

Infinite connect

I tried to buy Chippy a beer again Bartender couldn’t see him my lil pretend I think I invented life and I’ll do it to the end. I killed him 19 times

he’s still in the backseat driving my friends

Stamp my blank paycheck pay for sleepless connects Oceans converge in a wave and never get wet. I take my pills cause I won’t forget Father’s ashes I’m the cigarette


Lion’s den

Flowers are thought of as beautiful

they cover the smell of things sour

Like death.

The jobs women do

She wishes her breasts were still firm.
Well I do to. For other reasons I assume

The pantry is barren. No food on


And I’m the man to blame.