Stop signs

Open your eyes to the world and leave
share your eyes and find your mind
Squint enough and the sun you’ll see
Read the guiding lights and signs


On an Indiana highway
I coined the term
Made up a word
billboard skyscape

It’s not me anymore
But they can still guess my name
Left from the shape
A ghost of the place
A brandscaped American
Desolate waste
Shaped like an M or
A jack in the box face


I am the shadow of what’s to come
My past a reflection on a pond


What once was will never be
What’s to be I clearly see
When the futures burnt in shadow
Shapes of buildings tell their scenes
What they say is history
what repeats is not for free
And not what I wanted to read
The past was just a dream
A youthful joy that’s done left me

There’s a plane in the sky
Someone traveling the night
Looking to see the world
A young boy or eager girl
They’ll find home
Where they roam
Was the place they left behind
And the road
Is so cold
By the time it’s them they find
the ones they left
Who loved them
Said that they didn’t mind

Well when they said goodbye.
The truth is


signs lie


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