When I Fly

Even the largest trees
look tiny against the Indiana sky
some words about god were spoke to me
who do I follow? a Hoosier asked me why

smaller still I see
pawn shops and autobody lies
we are not students sent to learn to be
but to help you learn to cry

just build it up to tear it down
so we grow that coping frown
write the words to erase
its ok. Your son is gone.
yet you still take it out on pawns



to listen to me
like your tiny trees
leaves tired of being green
bring me home, lesson complete

its about being together
and not being alone in the sky

3 thoughts on “When I Fly”

  1. this joint is fly…fingersnaps in an empty room over here. people looking at me, strange. too bad. “who do I follow?” million dollar question. gets many killed, inspires many others, to kill. can’t see the forest for the trees. even that high up. we must get “higher” 🙂

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    1. I’m in a good place where I’m not digging up old hidden bones as I grow old, but gnawing on the new ones fed to me. It’s nicer, and has harvested better words I think. Maybe that’s just one lesson I would tell whoever is in charge. Forget what you lost stop looking for it…..or whatever nevermind.

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