Doesn’t matter what proof

Yea I watched the big kids play
Just never wanted to be part of the crowd
They teased as I walked away

But I wanted you.                     Alone.
To prove I’m not afraid

I remember the first kiss
Dry lips
Salty fat tongue wanting this
The frost on fingertips

The feeling of a decision
A chance to change my life
With a sip

No wait Stop! Set you down walk away
Hesitate. Contemplate.
So nervous now let’s just debate

Is it too late?

Ok sit back down, reach back out
Sense the smells and feel relief
That energy. That Doubt.
Bring it on now. Past my lips and teeth

They tell you we’ll live or die
Truth is you get to decide
On the left I choose to imbibe
Feeling bad is just so right

I swallow you down. A relief, a sigh
Alcohol you old clown
Tuck me in whilst I drown

I’ll drink alone amongst this town

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