Produce while you can

Rhythmic timing of the automated machines force those of us who notice our surroundings to try not to walk along to the

2, 4 beat. It’s. Em

barassi ng

At the grocery store I was buying a head of lettuce and rem embered the time I yelled at you for taking so long to pick out the lem. Emons. Barries. Maybe it was the same song playing in the background, the one no one ever seemed to LISTEN TO THE WORDS to, it triggered this subliminal memory. Or Me.

Too bad you will never read my poems. (A novel?) You would have, you knew your time was limited so you paid attention, (took time to enjoy) even when I was embar

assed that others would notice your goofy laugh. I know you knew. Sorry

I always take my time in the produce department. No matter what th they.


Might think

Barrasing. Don’t hide what makes you special

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