Chamomile tea

I always thought you were a handsome man

Though I’d never seen you in a suit

Until you were laying with your eyes and mouth sewn shut in it

That final forced smile

The thing I pondered was your stubble

Forced through your chin like


we shared a sandwich. A jack n coke

Other things.

It wasn’t there yesterday

I guess hair still grows without our trying

I’m just waiting for the water to warm up

2 thoughts on “Chamomile tea”

  1. impactful. I know those thoughts. those hard truths. fellowship, brother. it is always curious how the undertaker presents the deceased. what was most noticeable to me was the absence of nostril hairs in death. as in life, it was well documented that hay hairs grew plentifully in my old man’s nasal cavity. such an odd thing to notice, or even care about.

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    1. You can look at a friend a thousand times and never truly see them. But one look at them dead you really notice them. And than always you look at your surviving friends more closely after that, because you realize you should. Pow. Ferkin a

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