Past judge meant

In a room full of colors

Situations and creeds

All joined at the hips

Come to hear a man speak

Circle jerks gaming geeks

Open closets room for freaks

But you said hurtful words

“I don’t read poetry”

Creating division

Branches break dying tree

Hi. My name is alcoholic

And I’m a sustantivos

We aren’t all the same

Though they tell their names

Show the scars tell their stories

Open up bible games

All for one fame and glory

When we submit you’re the claim

In a room full of others

Still alone. Cold remains

Eyes on palms lines are smothered

Lines are brothers lines are shame

Contradicted your intentions

All White pages. words are stains

4 thoughts on “Past judge meant”

  1. Ha giving this a re-read I notice that “words are stains” has both positive and negative context here Which I had actually not originally intended but it worked out well. This was a reaction to someone who said that poetry is. Well. Gay


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