32000 feet and falling

Juxtaposed with gatherings hotel breakfast death
Rinos feasting hall of strangers. Eating powdered eggs
And Mr and Mrs talking head
spewing opinions spraying lead
Teaching how things should be said
Collect the bullets count the fed

Another racial jest. Another cat in a tree
Another overpaid or politicized
Or dead celebrity.

The quiet neighbor was the nicest guy he loved dogs loved his AR-15

These are not my people. This is not my scene. This all a big old scam. Instead of news


Jet engines fail when people believe their gods are on TV.

5 thoughts on “32000 feet and falling”

  1. My mind went to the Southwest incident earlier this week where the woman almost got sucked out of the plane like Auric Goldfinger. These are not our people, but there someone’s. Can we coexist? Good work. Moving the line by moving lines.


    1. Rumor on the street is that the people knew the plane would crash. They tried stopping up the hole with suitcases but it didnt work. She may have sacrificed herself.

      Again, thats just the word on the street here in dallas. It got me mad hearing how the media portrayed it VS what some passengers have claimed.

      Either way she’s a hero. And the news are not my people. As usual

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