Mirrors are flat

We landed in time
I Started pouring out rhymes
On the shuttle from the airport
From 12 to whatever time

Twelve is also how many were down.

Fathers brothers mothers a crowd
Family reunion in bahama town
Situation abnormal a Crest a crown

The earth is round

Grandma wants to shower up
Brother wants a bite to eat

Someone wants to start this party bus
Towards the bar the pool the beach

what I see is me

I taught myself to watch the streets.

Some broke down cars graffiti leafs
I see in it disparity
On my lap my daughter sleeps. A bump awakes her she looks at me

I said look outside what do you see. In azure skies and purple seas
As simple any line could be
As deep as any poet sings
And strives for words to create wings

She said

“The earth is round, what I see is me”

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