The lone scar state

She sells flowers from a box

Right beside your highway dreams

Along with the souls of the lost

Broken mirrors lipstick queen

Reflecting silenced screams

I took you down to the river

Give you what you came for

Took you down don’t make me wait

Took you down now open zippers

Spit you out don’t like the taste

You’d hesitate

Dollar bills in the gutter

Tattooed veins Marlboro aftertaste

Sewer grate you melt like butter

Into my arms on my scarred old face

I took you downtown

Under neon signs why did you pay

I took you down here don’t make me wait

I took you downtown

Now pay the man what do you say

You took me down here. Let’s play your game

At the side of these roads

The truckers drop their loads

In the beds of highway homes

These fuckers crop her hopes

She sings her song now

So sing along loud

She slings he arm out

She shops for dope

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