die LED herausholen. Where’s that confounded bridge?

The sun a bit hot
Bright upon my thoughts
Cannot see to type this lil poem
Blistered upon my radiating phone
Blinding reflections real and prone
To prism their Venus into my bones

Rivers currents intrigue the soul
Pushing pulling to and fro

Gravity vs needs
a psychedelic pattern breeds

A stairway to heaven a turning Page
Levees break songs remain the sage

Chirping birds add to the ambience
Dragon flies they dart and dance
And the beer it flows by circumstance
Creating green and plastic and Robert


There is nature and there is a song
Forever a will and end our mean
And ever betwixt the bridge is long
From there and back and ‘tween
Well if no outro were written. it seems
Well baby we’ve just rambled
It’s time to.

Ramble on.
There’s no time to change the road.
You’re gone

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