From floppy to virtual reality

Dirty places midnight’s sticky floors
Cigarette ashes rubbed on junk sick sores
Tattoo party
Taboo smarty
You talk too much after a score
Don’t stop for red lights even for a whore

Under cushions used up works
Fulfilled condoms tied off jerks

I just need a place to sleep
Won’t wake up next to beauty queens another dead body bloody scene
Parkbench beds suicide on Miami beach

My alarm clock pigeon shits on me
A nightstick cop, jail a better place to be
Cardboard and subway vents provide heat
Breakfast of spat up fratboy feasts
Passed out blacked out fell asleep

I shaved today. Can’t recognize my own memories
Look like a cherub angel smooth baby clean
Microsoft’s neon lights rebooting me

One red square, a blue, a green
No longer homeless I’m a software machine
I copied and pasted a sequel it seems

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