Cold case file 61

It fondles and quakes jelly polo shirts
61 years old and 61 width wide
McDonalds milkshake silly yolo perks
Whatever you sold can’t compete. with pride

I threw in the towel to a man sucking the cloth
Stole the crowd that loud mouth fucking sloth
Lobby bar hero with travel tales
Wow been to Florida and once even to Wales

Everyone thinks you are the 61 shite
I see through the blubber the blabber the blight

Double chin hero with whom all are keen
When you are cut open I’ll piss on your spleen

None of these movers will remember our faces
Sun of these groovers 61
Dismembered traces

And did I mention they didnt notice me?
Quiet guy in the morning. Not a priest
Quiet time with no warning 61 bloody trees
I breathe the air while you pray and bleed
I’m beneath I’m there

I prey and I feed

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