Weiner seeds

I smothered it
Before my mother could
Before she did
Bring the ashes down to me

Support me. You have to support me
You’re the only word I breathe

I’m driving with my headlights off
In countries they’ve never seen

Before it can be ruined by the haters
I’ll burn it down …..

but you should see

Maybe the new moms and daughters
Can stroke the flowers. Plant the seeds

Tonight I’m in Vienna.
Not afraid of immigrants
Or vomit on the streets.
Men will be men without mothers around

I’ll try not to be the one to smother the sound

With my jaded eyes
Baby little leaves they die
Before the forest grows new trees
Watered by the tears
Of ones who are meant to bleed
As I pretend that I’m the sorry one
Hungry little boy. Hungry pathetic needs

I found in this old city

A youthful hope. Maybe it can breed

I’m just passing through

But there’s a seed inside of me

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