My 9 volt revolt

Boredom is a state of mind

I actually enjoy being bored

I also enjoy

Seeing. Touching. Feeling. Smelling. Tasting. Experiencing. Chills.

Writing. Talking learning. Texting.
Looking at you. mirrors. Thrills

Winds tickle my arm hairs. My tongue drowns in tea.
A bird entices my eardrum

My eyes blur changing what I see

Boredom is a cool man’s nature
Absent from the rush of shyiety
Devoid of angst_ Highiety
Given a sweet moment of peace

We have little time not ruled by others
Or the monies that they tease
Play it wisely but don’t tell me
Boredom is your disease

Humans doing and humans being

Hours. minutes. seconds
Elders. adult. babies

Tick the same tock
Until that clock

Runs out of batteries

7 thoughts on “My 9 volt revolt”

  1. right up there with the work from you I enjoy. moving in the shadows and the light. revelations, and keeping your cards close to the vest.

    Absent from the rush of shyiety
    Devoid of angst_ Highiety

    Camanh! too good, too good. throw in So_Briety.

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      1. moving past, or allowing them to take you in, and processing them from that perspective? should feelings be moved past? asking for a friend. Omelet making is an art.


      2. An omelet Is beat. And should never contain bits of it’s broken shell.

        Outside of that, it is to be concocted with a touch of vino and some spice, an echo of a rooster and well. Life.


  2. Reblogged this on ProCrasstheNation and commented:
    Every now and then I like to reblog I poem that resonates with me. A great friend of mine polished up and released this beauty on the world. Please give it some love. Susantivos is doing some great things with word and ideas in our wicked world. I like to think of him as the prophet’s prophet.

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