Par for the course

Chippy always shows up at the bar

Walks right into the place sits down arm to arm

Chippy doesn’t say anything other than “hinnnnnnnnnnnn” greasy slicked back hair shit eating grinnnnnnnnnnnn

eye contact take it back cataract heart attack

Jameson’s knocked two back

I took a train a half hour ride

got off and yelped for a bar I could hide

Chippy was there. Already inside


One tooth. Birth control glasses and a smirk to boot touched me under tables and asses across booths tippless waitress chippy’s classless

I lost my job because they hired Chippy. He works in QA with Barb who thinks he’s just nifty

I’m getting a guitar and a dog named Griffey. Gonna grow my hair and change my name to Lippy. I’ll be at the bar see you there at 5:50.

I’ll be outside with a cup and a bottle of whiskey singing my song of how I used to know Chippy

It goes hinnnnnnnnnnn all night long like the winds of this city

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