Superlunch and an Irish pub

So tall so wide so medicine to your demise concrete structures Such tenacity yet on the foundation the 1st floor so empty no smiles to compromise To see as usual a blank stare Old drunk cathedrals in future homeless bodies to compare So much conflict in the construct popped helium balloons lay flat on the ground Shredded newspapers playing to old empty bottles of iced tea Play around as gutters if flat bags ‘tato chips emptied Halogen like no sound on a dead end street. At least she got clean socks from the medical clinic Playing on a flat Dali truck like a robot broke funeral parlor or casino all the same If we stay spent all day drunk. again

my night amongst the masses playing and singing karaoke Riding my bike to the city streets no room to complain To 111 that street Philadelphia PA While a young girl walks behind me laughing In Patriot parking incorporated USA

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