A welcome change of pace, in a found place

As the colder air turned bright green leaves upside down

The whispers of better things crept over the fence

Into our town

Relieving anxiety of perceived slights. Tight furrowed brows

Things like daddies who might actually be around

Husbands there to cure the hiccups

Trying to be scary but just ending up the clown

Some 15 years ago you dreamt he’d someday tie you

But settled you. down

Let that breeze tell its story across the grass it pushes round

About a boy became a man and found his world indeed round

And better not so large but narrowed, watered down

Better handled when not spread thin. And found

Life’s better mastered when he is ground

No more lonely songs in a Boston Market eating stale corn

But a flourishing garden. Watered flowers. Blessed dawn.

A warm cup of coffee, holding hands as the dew shines on lawns

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