Where we all end up anyway

Am I at fault for not wanting to be a slave

To another man’s dream to be

Though me may often agree?

The roads already paved…..

I curl my toes in cold shower morn

Avoid driving deeper these stinging thorns

Into the balls of my feet

From walking through your prickly garden

Smell of rotten angels sickly sweet

(There’s blood in the drain.

Smells like hot streets in the rain)

Snow falls on rainbows

-my eyelids close-

no pots of gold

In solitude I can hear the country sing

It sounds like the lonely forest first day of spring

So much hope, the past is done.

Creatures forgotten rediscover the sun

(There’s anger in politics

Rusty nails in the crucifix)

Their parents are dead

-Forgot to warn them-

winter comes again

Am I at fault for not wanting to dig the grave

Of another man’s losses gone by

Though we often share the grief?

The soils already spade…..

You don’t have to push the needle deep

To remember how it hurts

You don’t have to dig so very far

To hide us beneath the dirt

One thought on “Where we all end up anyway”

  1. sometimes you end up digging further cause it’s all you got.
    I don’t mind being brought to this place with you as a guide. thanks for sharing. there’s not enough dirt in this world to cover all the sins we ride.

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