Single phase boxer pop

From the lamp to and across the floor,

To the wall for some light for the.

Bring light through the door

Just within the reach across floorboards

Pulled into her cage by Bella dog

And she chewed right through the cord

Creations striations socket copper mesh

Charged that metal prison she had no effing chance

Perfect accident.

Evacuated bowels incensed

bladder smells immense

Roasted poochie burning hair

static energy

Electric air

Not realizing the situation I grabbed ahold as well


[cut scene]

Flashing lights on the blinds. My face warm, the floor cold on my back) I hear a fly

It occurs to me we will never really know why we are here. There are literally societies of bacteria living on my teeth

In a daze away some minutes passed

During the fall.

I pulled the cage from the wall

Urine soaked and caked in dog shit fingers punched right through a tennis ball

My pants around my ankles and I’m 10:feet down the hall

My eyes won’t even blink they sting acrid. Dry and

Oh my god that fucking smell

I realize my phones been ringing. Some messages the LED blinking

Can’t open my hands and I’m still pissing. Piss bzzzzzzzzt


It’s my wife. She wants to know if I’ll be on time.

With the cake.

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