Say cheese

Who takes the missing posters down
After the body has been found?

I keep a small object in my pocket
Touch it every once in awhile
Just to remember that I’m me
In rooms where I fake my smiles

Do they recycle the paper?
Do they hear the highway sounds like a river
As they leave behind shadows of tapers

My mother thanked me. for not.           smoking
Even as I blew smoke in her face
I keep a small pocket in my object
In rooms where I can’t find a trace

I wish when I was younger I’d had the confidence to look directly at the camera.
I’m always staring at the ground
I wish they’d take those posters down

Who closes
The social media accounts?
Where I’m reminded you’re you
In the smiles where they hide
After you’ve died

In fake rooms

#YouTaggedMe. #yearlyreminder

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