Mr Harley

In 4th grade I had to walk 1 hour to school

Uphill both ways always in the snow and rain

We lived in the city

So I’d pass all the homeless and crazy

Men with itchy beards who wished me merry Christmas

In June

My teacher Mr Bill offered to drive me home.

It was a blessing that.

I would watch the smoke billow from factory stacks

When he touched me. I liked that he didn’t ask

Me to touch him back

The trains ran so slow on that part of the tracks

In 5th grade we moved to a smaller town.

Mother told the school board I preferred male teachers

I tried to speak up but I wasn’t good at that

So I got Mr Bob who was an asshole

We had a class rabbit named Harley

Each week we held a raffle and Harley would go home with the winner

Except even when I won, I was told I couldn’t keep him

I don’t know why Mr Bob never liked me

With his handlebar mustache

In the dead of winter the sounds of the trains tend to carry farther

As does the whistle letting the workers know they can go home

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