Just ride

While I drive

I look in the rear view mirror

And I see me

in the backseat

watching the passing trees

Counting roadsigns and important things

Pretending Its me on the

radio who sings

Learning to try

While I drive

Late at night

I watch the passing car headlights

Dancing on the ceiling

Fall asleep to the beat

Of.       roads have lines

and countrysides, lullabies

Learning to fly

While I drive.

She asks me things

Why can’t she sit by me

Now that mom is gone the seat is free

I tell her when the time is

(She’s) right

Learning to drive

While I fly

She’s changing lanes to pass the time

She traces worlds in the cushion pleats

Finds her old toy between the seats

The rain it starts. the swishing streets

We’ll be alright for another night

Learning to cry

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