The goat and the pig

Gunther has this thing growing under his chin I don’t know what you call it maybe a chia pet anyway it’s just under his lip and

I don’t like Gunther because of his goat. Don’t even want to meet him. He wears his sunglasses on his head just above his eyebrows I always hate men like that

I’m hungry tonight in Italy again all the restaurants are always closed day or night all these signs and pictures of things like pigs with apples (pasta) in their mouths and everyone I ever met says “go to Italy to eat it’s great” but I’m starving I’d eat (pizza) toilet paper


Streets of pulled down metal gates graffiti warnings, rats in the piss covered concrete. A siren wails, some baby cries I think of eating the rat cooked over a burning sewer grate

Who am I to judge Gunther with his pretentious name and his goat, or Italy and their pigs? Guess I’ll be moving on rather be homeless and alone

ciao prego

(someone kicks a can I listen until it is silent again)

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