Bridges over you

Boxes and boxes with silhouetted

driveway and malls

Everything shaped the same

I thought I would be loved by all

Just because you

Just because

“It’s like I’m talking to a wall”

Steel frames and girders

Built right through this all

I’m just a body of water

Soft skin

an animal

Never gonna hold up

It’ll be here

it’ll be still

Long after

The day that I will fall

You should have loved me

A chalk line on the wall

A statistic loved me

A shadow angel

See right through it all

You could have loved me

Long before the

The day that I was gone

My train passes through

A cemetery in the fall

My view is changing

I didn’t love you


That’s what I saw

Never trust a man

At war with himself

When nothing’s wrong

All these boxes under me

To house the saddened sprawl

We pass right over

Never really seeing us at all

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