The first word and the last

Trying to pull socks onto wet feet

Stretches them and you’ll spend the week

Not as confident as those with tightly covered ankles

I wonder if you and I are the same, only in different bodies.

Different memories

Does lemon resound the same

I learn to drive with one hand so you can hold my other

Your irises chase the still designs

If it rains, the dancing drops

And I

Do you think these same things?

Would you rather bare feet maybe

Holes and strings

Is it only I, cursed to search for beauty when it is already just behind

Do you realize how doomed we are, but have the strength still for that smile?

Or do you really like me

put on that disease

Enjoy the denial

My cat sits on the back of the couch cleaning paws

Wondering why we also live with dogs

I take my time slowly enjoy the sights

And let people wiz right by

Hoping they see neither path

Yours or mine

They don’t even feel their feet so distant from their minds

I met a publicist

like a socialist or capitalist

all for me and the other in reverse

curse of the Earth

Some of them try to write

Others just write to try

I can see the which by the color of their eyes

I’d rather just close mine

Open it again and process one line at a time

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