They put sheets over old furniture

Chasing subtly yellow street lights

Always chasing away chasing life

Never seeing the inevitable breakdown

Casually on standby

I thought of this stitch in my side

Unfortunate hitch in my stride

As a burden slowing me down

Its actually my alibi

A reason to stop and see the sights

I had to pause along the passageway,

rub the burn out of my legs

All the city an automated package line

The rejects pushed astray

I was told I couldn’t work anymore

I’d come in again too late

They come tomorrow. They’ll take my car away

At sixty five I don’t need pride

I’m fine to live this way

I’ll walk this slow

And let them roll

And pass me like a stray

I’d rather see the colored trees

Than chase the sun away

To run right by…..

Well the pain in my side

Won’t let me anyway

I find it ok

To slow my pace

And listen to the rain

So come on over.

Take my things away

Items collected before I was grey

Empty rooms in a castle

Cast less shadows and hassles

And leave space for the dying to say

Come on over

Come on by today.




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