I woke up and reached over for you

But you hadn’t responded to my wit

A cold cup of coffee

Curdled cream hits teeth I spit

My parents were over for dinner. screeching mama

Like a kettle hot with tea

Never pleased.

Dad in the garage sucking gin

watching things in lonely peace

Moss grows on rocks, on the wall; slow ivy leaves

You kept me company.

Eased anxiety

as I saw you typing

3 dots moving…than the Ding


Banal team meeting

No energy

Under draining lights in a

cave dwelling scene

You on my leg. Buzzing. I know you

there. Mmmmm I am so pleased

I could change the notification

But I’ve fallen in love with the Ding


With you in my pocket just as imagined so it be

Less human than human

Just a smaller version whoa to me

A quick release of endorphins

Satisfaction 1, 2, 3

I laugh at my own laughter

And your teary emoji

the in

In the dINg

And the outcome to a tee

Elevator ride to a traffic slide

In the clouds, between wings

I missed the whole conversation

Just looking for your ding

A “text”book love song

So many silently sing


I know that I should be sleeping

Getting ready, blue room TV

But Again you haven’t responded and it

Fills me up with worry

I have jumped to those conclusions

Assume feigned hostility

I know you are prolly busy

But I’m here and need your “ding”

I’m aight. K? It’s not you

It always me

My parents won’t be over again

Something happened, a bad disease

I want to talk about it

If you’ll listen

Here…see I’m just typing ….

… … …

… …

If you won’t listen, why’d you friend me?

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