Fur coat on in the sun

Burning midnight sun is blue

Racing over oceans coming home to lose

These hours aren’t long enough this time

I stayed away too long she’s done lost her mind

I don’t know why I cannot stay the same

I’d stay awhile but it’s like I’m in a cage

I throw my hunger down and piss upon my stage

And when the world don’t care about my rage

Swallow stone hold black breath kissing him with aids

I just can’t act my age

I put down my cigarettes so I can’t breathe

Now I’m dying in the smoke and burning apathy

What is the reveal?

I travelled everywhere. No place was even real

Other passengers had no secrets to conceal

Behind my eyes I found my scars cannot be healed

But yet I wander. Slowly journey with no end

Pack up my suitcase, consider him my friend

Isolated with my demons scratching lies out with my pen

I avoided the cage

and bound my own chains

I’ve boarded up my windows against….

That place

That’s really safe


Not even far away

At the front

Of my own damn motorcade

-If people could just hang on-

I tie myself up and waste another day

Maybe if they let you they will take me wide awake

As for now I’ll just get blind spit my eyes out as I fade

Another obscure desperate loser

You’d walk right by me on the train

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