High at us. Nip pulse

Someone told me I should sit in the backseat and take a

Brake hard when you’ve

Left. Right?

Because teamwork makes the dream work as long as you’re on the same side

I past the buck. The baton stops here.

And when you look me up

If I’m high af, we were all once queer

Passwords make me go back ass words and I just don’t understand if there’s a rhyme there once was a reason to commit this treason the season of denial maybe the algorithms brought me here for the YouTube recommendation but I read the comments and I understand the distrust of this nation it’s all about want to be something you’re not what you like and there’s such a massive depression and waves of suicide because no one understands what you love is what’s inside it’s like a tribal synergy that we all needTo coincideBut if you keep searching for souls in the Konstruction of what’s outside you’ll never truly live past 30 if it was even worth it the ride i’ll end my diatribe

They told me to stop and go back inside

To hide

I took a hiatus since it was prescribed

The white coat said she( I’d be fine

My wris

Still are cold there’s no pul

Se I need likes)

In the darkness in the north of Norway I met a noble a bison really his horns of fire and he taught me as the fruit begins to die in the moist humble northern light the irony is that the words we cry don’t come from the mouth but from within our eyes as with grains and winds and showers but I

found a way with my hands to feed from the breast even of man for why?

Even have these functions we’ve forgotten as a species we lie

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