What we should’ve known

I let the phone ring til it stopped

In sudden silence I felt completely alone

That creak in the floor

The way the door opened by itself

What you think was a ghost…

I licked my fingers and pinched out the flame

Looking for answers in the dark

I pretended to be asleep until she left.

Only to wish her back but it’s too late.

I clutch her favorite pillow

That window curtain swayed

The ceiling fan chain

…There are no random spirits here.

These ghosts are you, reliving your life

After it’s gone

Watching you not pick up the phone

Wishing you would

Because regrets are what never die

That ball you had as a boy

Is now rolling down the empty hall

Given that chance again

-little Tim plays with sand in the backyard

Older Tim remembers being stung by that bee

The swing is moving with no breeze

The remembrance is the wind. Run inside-

When you hear something or feel a tickle on your neck

Listen to yourself

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