Thankful for ghosts

When I heard someone playing beautiful piano fun                                               I wish I’d taken lessons when I was young

Yesterday I heard a louder squeal                                                                    glasses flew off my face                                                                                             my teeth in a steering wheel

Flashing lights
Another hotel night
Don’t care if I wake alive

A Christmas rhyme
We all wish the time, (would fly)
And skip the days between
But when it’s gone we miss
The taste of milky lips
Thing is life is but a dream

Theres a Winter ghost
coming up the coast
and I want to go out and play
as you hide inside
watch through windows white
yes you’ll have something to say
as I slip and slide
Snowflakes on tongue decide
to become the beginning of this stream

Out here is another world
Maybe another song – a different girl
Who will fill my cup this queen

I didn’t hit the brakes
fast enough to avoid this reason why
But here I am today
(thankful for that I can say)
at last tough – a boy with seasoned eyes
Open and wide
There’ll be time (to close) when grey

When I heard someone
play a guitar tune
I wish it was me again
Younger yet and singing with you
Dancing on my bed

But when I Banged my head…

I smelled your sweet perfume
And know you’re with me in this room
My silence was just boring – an excuse

It all happens so fast
Like the strike of a match
As we watch the world ignite
Falling embers cars collide

I used to think
People who sang in the streets
Were crazy and confused
But thanks to you
I know the truth
“They’re not alone in padded rooms”

And your instrument
with its soft lament
is always in tune
Amber, Mary, Stacy.  June

Lying next to me



To you

I’m more thankful than most
Thankful for ghosts

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