blogger with technology screams

Start writing or block to choose a type


  1. If I could just capitulate on a tablet plate make everything OK Make it so easy to be misunderstood my words are for they understand defeat

It’s in my head I can’t just make it go away they repeat repeat as a rhyme is something that I need to say


me awake at night it’s something I live with night today

  I’m strapped by the heat sucked down to the street she’s some other place to be

but if I could just fly away I can rise up above sure kill  insanity philadelpha river one of the be

Copy and paste

this line in haste

its hard to breathe

Copy this into a read

into a post into a theme

into a place that everyone can see

sleep and see

we’ll leave

a visual on EdenBeach

where are you restless feet?

Where i was later zoned

By a master of the poem

Mr. Chin ASCII

Your name is known

I’m only angry you actually

had it rather easy with the typewriter a couple whores and full flasks see.

Southwest L St.

Damn I’m not on Hollywood Beach

I got to deal with this self editing tablets autocomplete

15 tries to really make right

takes away from my intended rewrite

If I have to enter my password again I’ll lose my artistic fiend

All alone again without a friend sitting naked in defeat

And my laptop just blue screened

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