Masquerade 20 two

20 years ago we
All rode bikes to Foley’s

Chained them up on the iron fence
Walked inside and the greetings commenced

My turn for shots can I bum a smoke
Stories of crashes and courier jokes
Mercurial warriors named Elvis and spoke
Fearless and gearless suicidal ass blokes

Only a block from chinatown gate
3 up from common evil punks shitfaced
Saddle up let’s again chance our petulant fates
This time in a flock. Wolves in pack

Masked, a raid

Just memories for this aged old coot
Sitting at the bar lonely face for a suit
“Back in the…” alumni argument is moot
It begins where it ends circles and roots

Feeling lucky to even really be alive
To have learned from the earth and got off “Survived”
To come back to a place all the same hasn’t died
20 years. two old friends. Who weathered the ride?

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