You’re in all

Dudes. hands are dry
Still_ standing at the excel

Give me the old fisheye
Like my uncle in the cell

Come back to my chair

Across the back, ogre arm. super hair
He says

Not a word. Just an old chucktown stare

“Welcome back to Boston”

Rudest place I was ever. there

Singers and poets will say “I was fro

To and from.”

I’ve seen it
I had a grandma in beantown yo
Tell me suck her ‘left tits

I was only 9
At least the cancer was benign. It Fits.

I’ve got beat down when lost
Beat up whatever the cost.

Salad tossed

Ate some pig
If a cop counts

Donuts or creeps it’s what gets you off.

It’s a city so it’s violent
I get that


Deny it

I’ve been to third world countries

After I was raised in these backstreets

And never found a place that could

Fucking shape me

From Firenze to hockey town Calgary

You should have.


The other guy

What a sustantivos disguised

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