Shoot up it ‘Sc(h)ool

He opens a window
To whatever works he needs

Albeit in this cold and empty connect(

It cut)

like glass

New town. Same as the old
Sandy. Hooked.
Wasn’t going to bring

(up the past)

Stole a sound to use as influence
Backdrop confluence
Poetry audio visual indulgence

A pop pop.
Bullets in kids heads
A father plays victim and now he lay deads

Conspiracy or 2nd
Amendments and degrees
All I sea and here are
Proof of failed societies

I will buy you a garden
If you could only see the way she loves me
Have I told you lately
Sunshine of my life

She reads a story she wrote about a wolf and she holds my hand

and I am so tired my eyes are like sand

and I know. This wall could fall and it all could end

Grandma asked her to name her wig it’s the chemo bends

In the backseat she looks out the window and I watch in the rearview skies
As she writes the world on by with her eyes

And I’m up here. Now.

Not sure how anyone loses a daughter and does not
Sue a side

Other or brother

This is no way to survive.

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