Streaming live

I know the type

Public frenemy don’t believe da hype
Albeit you introduced me to Lebron
Gave me 500 just to buy a new phone

She was almost perfect but she
Had big calfs and puffy knees
Or at least that’s what
She was programmed to believe

Meanwhile ole Lucian Brown
Heard a new song on “99 get down”
A rock n roll song to relate to

the joints passing round, through
…These lads really hate too

We’re all in the same commode

Drink you’re Al Co’hall

Take the drugs. they’ll make em all
And marvel at the super he row

And complain when they number you by call

Out in the deep woods
We reach for our phones
To call mommy and ask
For more government goods

And we know deep in our signs

That even the punkest shit out there
Is controlled like our minds

We’re all in he same parole

You watch Netflix
I’ll stick to sports
Ncaa now or ’90s shorts

“Beaches” is for chicks
Guys stick to hardened dicks
Programmed like rats in dank ports
Poetry rymes just aren’t forts


People stuck on dreams and fates

[Drama] and bullshit chores
The writer waits


For just a little more

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