So long, island

Ruefully denied an opportunity to watch basketball
In two different locations
The places over packed and full
Yankees repeats every station

No 76ers, Bucks or Bulls

So I’m stuck eating food named after my home town
Made so wrong it should be illegal
In a bar thats trying to be renowned
About as authentic as a seagull

Pink flamingos more profound

First to my left a couple in tight embrace
He is chastising her endeavors
Yet has her lips all his to taste
Every high haired desperate housewife
Drawing his attention as she waits

Next over a lady in a seventies business suit
Of bright red puffy shoulders group
Gold chain hangs on her glasses
Got her face in a bowl of soup

Another couple to her left
Again he’s busy eyeing a younger prize
While she’s licking her straw and staring my way
What they’re up to can’t surmise

And than in walks french south Africa
Places his jacket on my chair. Asks to change the channel so again I’m-

-Now hold on a damn second! As foreign. As I may be,
Have I walked into a nightmare full of assholes of highest degree?

Piano man or not I have to stand my ground.
But old red blouse waves her money and I’m forced to wear a frown.
As a large greasy haired gorilla says it’s time to leave his town

Someone hands me a poker chip
Says remember from where you came
Tell this story to your friends
And don’t ever come back again

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