They came and paid

I was holding the microphone

“Myyyyyyyssssssterrrry lust I confessed. ! ”

Lights bright

it’s so mystical in my face

I was thinking bout

Quick exit sTage right

Dramatic exit all the rage

I can’t see the crowd what
City is this anyway

Mic stand my prop
My crutch
My weapon to hold me up
Against these thoughts
They want me to say
What I have wrought

Please slow me down
If you haven’t caught

“I don’t want to be sober
Cast a
Weight off my shoulders”

I don’t even know what song they’re playing my brothers.

up    on     THIs
Whatever they’ve been there for so long
I feel it in my veins, god’s piss

Superb star in the dead of night
Shooting up for the masses in a cold stagefright
Problem is they always cheer when I walk away
They never listened what I really tried to say

Rock n toll
Home grown
Small town catastrophe

another pussy
A simple need

I came and went they stayed to bleed

A song that can move me
Maybe a few will see
I was trying to say too
Hero in the underground scene
Some asshole
Promised me
the scenery

While he was. They were
Always. touching me

Well that’s just the way they
Lay Roses on your grave

words and music to say and play

I paid you to come see me sweat tonight
To slur my words it’ll be aight
What suprised me most after I failed
Is how many of you 2nd nighters
Still prevailed

Deep inside
Under the lights

I’m holding breaths trying to breathe right
Counting down from 1 to 10
Trying to slow my own heartbeat again

i feel my knees give way, the shaking of my hands
I don’t know you or my own damn band
Myself or this girl who
?wife besides me stands
I know that I can hold a note
And you seem to like
What I type                   (remember what you wrote)

So I mis th wor I    M incomplete

So I’m off the beat
And Pass along some demon seed
I pissed myself again.    my feet
Fell underneath my seat
But the peeps they call
They cheer they scream
And I’m booked again in Calgary

“I [garbled sound]”
Stage dive crowd surf the
Set was found

I’m just concentrating on obscure sounds

caterpillars fall off walls and they always

(crawl again) rebound

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