Whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters

It’s been too long my old

New York shitty

I used to listen to your walls moan

Planes hit buildings changed my pity

streets. Shadows of bridges

bring back rat filled memories

Stiletto heels as sirens wail the edges

I used to wake in bathtubs shaking

Tired for leaving someone else aching

Heroin blends

Now I’m just an ugly old man

Afraid even of tubs and dying and ends

stale beer and a Cuban cigar

Not sure what it’s all for.

The women don’t even see me

Anymore.  My acoustic guitar

Stopped when

Jack took the the needle out of his arm

off the spinning record

in the silence,  still courtyard

Painted the walls with his brains

As the maids

Shook out sheets in the mildew rain

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