Toilet bowl (Queen’s demise)

Swamp scrum

So I’m scum

According to those don’t know where I’m from

Royal flush or just a flushing Queen

Absurd as the –

-All the colors blend obscene

citi field gleen

All those shooting feels

Put together such a

made up meme

“Right turn clyde”

Haven’t finished the turnpike

Since second grade

Just keep on. Tried

Genocide. Retrophitted
in the kool aid tide

Barrioization in brown field stains
You capitulate reason
And my frown brings disdain

God man in megalopolis
Fuck the mets.
Metropolitan this!

Metrosexuals lost in vain
In fists?
Wasted seeds in palms
Make whey for pacifists

Call me scum and walk away
Go on home boy, pull up pants
Come another day

Conurban Desakota wishes
Little punk ass wannabe bitches

I’ve been to Queens
Slept the streets in Watts
Don’t assume til you’ve seen
A man grow from what’s not

Reverse gentrification
Drop the facade
I’ll whip that ass backwards
Boys back home would applaud

Sorry but your home
Left a shit taste in my mouth
Time to pack up
And get the fuck out

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