Schwag| Stomped Box


Electric cables and bands on the radio
500 Stompbox stickers for.
A naive rodeo

White kid from the suburbs 1991
pop on a CD Cypress Hill
What the fuck?

Next thing I know I’m in the projects
Paranoia sets in is well as the objects.
Everything seemed cool we
like a team
I’m in a safe spot

but once “reality” kicked eeeeen

we knew where we were where we was where

-Mom was not-

I’m pretty. …uh…sure someone just got shot

I plugged in an orange amp -POP-

Woke up across the stage safety is not

First priority at the Grog Shop

• I bought a Darrell in the bathroom a

Dimebag was the caust

My first roadtrip with a crew

Big boys little rocks

Til they left me in Maumee sold my.

yea I showed my cock

The van got stole

Bassist with a stripper ran off

Our big break

Call this tour our first loss

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