Schwag | Chaperone

My only previous trip to Boston from Maine was in 1988 to buy some Doc Martens, there was only two stores you could go to; both in bad neighborhoods

Road trip

Who’s got gas money?

I wanna get, have to get the new Spawn 1st edition or I’m not in

Are you all crazy? My cousin got his ear cut off by skinheads

Blah blah

I ain’t afraid

Class trip to the science center. Skip the bus ride home. Billy’s uncle will get us home and buy alcohol.

Didn’t think this through.

Mom’s all in panics. Cops involved.

Doc martens confiscated

But here I am now living in this shit, waiting vainly on a dime bag in Chinatown

Shaved head. Eying some 128ers wet behind the ears

Needing to cop. Needing their greenness to benefit me

Where is their chaperone?

Green bomber jacket with American flag patch, loose suspenders

Plaid shorts, wallet chain And my purple docs.

Waiting on the white dread locks who’ll never show

And someone hands me a Demo tape, I’ll listen to in the dark

In the mirrors of cars and reflections of shop windows I watch everything happen

And I’m never gonna have to look

Behind my

Never gonna have to

look back

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