Schwag | nofriendo

A man who owns
a record label. Musically toned
Rescued me from
Sleeping in and eating alone

Dinners with orange chairs
Dance. Dance. Neon flicker stares

My bed a road case full of CDs and shirts
Rocket man selling drugs and merch

The lights are on a Canadian girl
But Mr Young won’t let me sell
-The opener’s hell

Chords and words and
A jewel of rings
And so she sings and so she brings
Foolish things

A row of buses and I’m found in one
Mario brothers roadie games and fun
Nintendo controller there’s a
Knock in the rain. no sun

Her fans were all babies. Screaming in vain. We let them on her bus for pay
Tween beat teenie boppers

Fashionistas in pain

When she came off that stage.
What it looked like and what it was
Weren’t quite the same


I jumped too soon and shrank

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