Schwag | The Fabricator

graffiti-box-truckWe followed the wine and cheese
Singers in the band

They had a champagne supernova

A cozy passenger van

The beer rode in a box truck with

“The fabricator” etched in the side

We changed the words

Budget rental to fuck rectal

Challenging Iowa’s power lines

Past all the corn and domestic violence

They were almost famous there inside

Families would honk their horns

For Jesus sake. For what’s right

The fabricator broke down in Gary
We got car jacked in the night
They took away what they could carry
A gang of four on motorbikes

And New years eve y2k
We made it from Madison Wisconsin
To Madison ave in a long day
a straight 10 hour shot
Til parked was the beast albeit sideways
Now wheres that confounded dock?

She was parked there on the corner
Like a bed of roses on a grave
Looking alive, waiting for more pride
Waiting for her portions
Turn of the century.   new years night

-I opened the door –

In grade school they don’t teach you how to shave, make sandwiches or balance a check.

They don’t prepare you for opening
Your life savings
And there’s no band gear like your were hoping

Just two mattresses

a crystal ball

4 passed out teens

Breathe the alcohol.

[With all the miles

And the streets in between]


The ‘cator

had to be traded

We parted like mothers and hope
Pain like divorce. We carry on, cope.

Like lovers and bandmates and beards
That’ll always be in your heart
From sounds of fans who once cheered
To the emptiness of a stage in the dark

Leaving behind friends
Well it’s all part of life
Maybe together again
Maybe cancer. Maybe the knife.

With a broken record deal
Too many emotions and miles and meals
The fab was sold for a steal
The lyric sheet: the struggle is real


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