Right next to hope

I don’t remember the name of the bar
Just that it was right next to aspiration

Manny and I were winning cornhole
Which started a fight
Two guys , 3 teeth, career goal:
Meth on a Minnesota night

That’s when BamBam the mexicali pimp
Offered us a timely rescue
“Put on lipstick and suck it til its limp”
Well I’d rather not but thank you

Besides I think I ate bad shrimp

Next to the mens room was a door
A staircase in webs and musk
Little Johnny tied to the floor
The smell of urine, sweat, brown rusk

Well the brothers or cousins high IQ
Ran out on their bill, cards expired
left their wallets and a phone behind too
Like assholes slashed our tires

So we climbed over a highway embankment
started walking up a hill
Caterpillar tractor encampment
The smell of dirt, an oil spill

And that’s when we saw the losers.
Came for their things with baseball bats.
I picked up the pace to avoid bruisers
I didn’t even know I could run so fast

But alas…….

I woke the next day in the back of a van
Checked myself for injuries
Nothing but a strange scar on my side
Insatiable urge to pee

There was never anyone there
Just dust covered round wood stools
A half a chandalier
A need for organs from us fools

I don’t remember the name of the bar, just that it was right next to their beliefs

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