Dogs can’t even talk

I hope to write enough cliches to make you hate me long enough to realize life is too short for that

Did you ever wish that you had not wasted an opportunity because you were sad and then became more sad because you wasted an opportunity?

I got off the elevator on the wrong floor today on purpose. Everything was just progressing so fast.

Well it doesn’t matter. My dog told me so.

My mother in law’s doing fine now thank you for asking. On Father’s Day we had to leave the bathroom door open and we can hear her flatulence ^oh my God what are they feeding her?^ the stink

but none of us could live with what happened last time. she lay there for nearly an hour because well we all thought we always think we just say

that it’s OK

I like sports bars because so many people. you know they’re there and

they believe in something and its just fun to watch them. The people. Like dogs.

Well it doesn’t matter

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