Watch the tramcar

Don’t give the money to me said the man just stick it in the tube

We’re full of barbecue

Jacked up on the blues

Couple more shots of bourbon man you’ll be feeling like I do

I realized when we took out a stop sign we were heading for a ride

Old man driving this trolley car he straight up suicide

Approach the drunken riders

chants “take us to seaside”

Don’t you know WaWa is slang for Wildwood

You must be from out of town boy don’t you know what’s good

Trouble is they don’t realize I know just where they’ve been

my name’s not Jack it’s sustantivos and I am with the wind

Tomorrow night next week I’ll be Jammin out up or down I’m free

A place outside this town

To see

ramblin another round

s’all the same


To me

*In the seat beside me my daughter

Staring up at me

So glad she said

So glad to see

Where it is your off to dad

When your not with family*

The 5 mile trolley was the first in the world

For a nickel you could ride to the beach to a pearl

Take it to the boardwalk get an icecream swirl

Now we ride it into the darkness me and my girl

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