Jersey sure

I bought my father a baseball jersey for his 40th birthday, his favorite player’s number

But being the way he was, he got drunk that night and ruined his own party.

I didn’t give him the gift

Funny how it gets akward, the longer you

hold on

the more inadequate a gift is to give.

Like an unwritten thought that fades

But, then after a certain amount time becomes it’s own charm, makes value out of things. Not unlike wine

The nostalgia of sports memorabilia

And we too grow old. Houses become emptier and too big. Things are lost and found, like that old jersey tucked away unseen until we moved to a more suitable home

Well my kids had their own kids as things go, and they invited me to a game. The old jersey amazingly fit me so I gave it a go.

As I was walking in a young fan booed me. I stopped my son from standing up for me. I just smiled

You have your team kid, and I have mine

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