Frozen lead

As I stared down at the clouds
From up (without her in the sky)I found the answer
Sucking up cancer

Sucking through silly paper lies

No matter
No matter how hard I tried
I couldn’t feel inside
What I was looking
Looking for had died

So you can all just wave goodbye

I found the answer
Sucking up cancer
In the night
Oh a desparate parasite
Away from paradise
The death is in the ice

I found the answer

And you weren’t there right
And you weren’t by my side
And you weren’t scared I
And we were suicides

Since the 90s.

I talk to myself
Naked I’m dancing in the rain
Clothing on in the shower
Your words washing down my drain

And all the singers on the radio
Are the ones who’ve gone insane
And the singers. on your game

I walk alone
into the waters deep
My mellow tones they’ll never creep
Into yours because

All the singers on the radio
Have hung themselves again
And the poets on your

All the singers on the radio
The radio. The radio.

All the poets where do they go?

I shut myself I fuck myself

I feel the same the pain

I strut my felt I pluck my help

Why reel along this lame?

And all the singers on the radio
Are the ones who’ve gone insane
And the singers. on your fame

Rub and poll

Oh Washington DC
Cyclists ride over the bridge (po
Litics love and war)

-your smile- flirting screams

children’s laugh
Spring it brings

Water over mossy rocks (the guilt

and the shame)

Politics and the birds dandy lyin

April trees catch the breeze

joggers stop for breath

and to stretch

Unseen underneath -your wicked eyes-
You taught me how to come

Spring it brings the Earth and bees

Jersey sure

I bought my father a baseball jersey for his 40th birthday, his favorite player’s number

But being the way he was, he got drunk that night and ruined his own party.

I didn’t give him the gift

Funny how it gets akward, the longer you

hold on

the more inadequate a gift is to give.

Like an unwritten thought that fades

But, then after a certain amount time becomes it’s own charm, makes value out of things. Not unlike wine

The nostalgia of sports memorabilia

And we too grow old. Houses become emptier and too big. Things are lost and found, like that old jersey tucked away unseen until we moved to a more suitable home

Well my kids had their own kids as things go, and they invited me to a game. The old jersey amazingly fit me so I gave it a go.

As I was walking in a young fan booed me. I stopped my son from standing up for me. I just smiled

You have your team kid, and I have mine


It’s amazing how I basically became
A cow. Grazing away
Enjoying the sun on my back

Slowly accept everything

Sorry I never asked you for. per



To become this grey.
We shared so much, and this is


Things happen around (me) and I’m

Thankfully not.



Watch the tramcar

Don’t give the money to me said the man just stick it in the tube

We’re full of barbecue

Jacked up on the blues

Couple more shots of bourbon man you’ll be feeling like I do

I realized when we took out a stop sign we were heading for a ride

Old man driving this trolley car he straight up suicide

Approach the drunken riders

chants “take us to seaside”

Don’t you know WaWa is slang for Wildwood

You must be from out of town boy don’t you know what’s good

Trouble is they don’t realize I know just where they’ve been

my name’s not Jack it’s sustantivos and I am with the wind

Tomorrow night next week I’ll be Jammin out up or down I’m free

A place outside this town

To see

ramblin another round

s’all the same


To me

*In the seat beside me my daughter

Staring up at me

So glad she said

So glad to see

Where it is your off to dad

When your not with family*

The 5 mile trolley was the first in the world

For a nickel you could ride to the beach to a pearl

Take it to the boardwalk get an icecream swirl

Now we ride it into the darkness me and my girl


They hired a new guy one day
Just before Y2K
At my old job. I sat inside to decay
Discarded in

a cubic()led space

Making light of it with some pictures
Of whatever I didn’t hate
And a dumb green plant in yellow. waste
Waiting to tear another calender page
The war(s) I waged
Inside that cage

I stepped outto breathe factory parking lot airto escape whitening lights dystopic sundeprived stares plastic toothed grins from devils. DEspair

And there he was. Sitting on the hood of his car. smoking. Watching.

He flicked it all away. Drove off in whatIperceivedtobe. the

Coolest Fucking Car Imaginable

Well I had some growing up to do.
And once I did I followed suit.