Store brand bland

I feel consumed by my difference
As rhinoceros with shopping carts
Whose ratty whispy tails
Serve no purpose
Tell Sally that her perm
Will make her feel less lonely

It’s the right thing to say I guess

Its 11am. I am 46.
I just realized I am a displaced dolphin
But for now the smirk in the cheap suit
Will sell me sodium and heartburn
So I can sadly watch my children

Assume my sameness

Somehow I feel saddened
For disliking everyone
Mostly though I
fear them and their advertising more than the tornados
Or the spiders

As they, wrapped in cotton pictures of animals, block the aisles and discuss their gods and decide my choices of toilet paper

We stared at the stars before we had phones

It doesnt matter that we missed
The ice cream truck
Chasing him was all the fun we needed

The street magnificently lead to nowhere but unto itself
The beuty of the flowers bloomed

All the times I waited in vain
Lonely and afraid to say

I wanted you all for me. Entombed

In this moment your eyes upon the trees
I let mine fall on yours
Wishing again you’d look at me

That way

The sun hits the wind and bends
A pedal falls away
Your skin in tones holds in a breath
And I’m thankful for this day

How is it your smile
The way your eyelashes deceive?
Are tricks that you deny
Into your web that I’m weaved

If you touched me right now….


Have always owned me

Whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters

It’s been too long my old

New York shitty

I used to listen to your walls moan

Before the sounds of planes over your busy


Would bring back memories

Would make us all stop our daily deeds to think

Back than I’d wake up shaking in a bathtub

Sorry for lying and leaving someone else alone


Now I’m just an ugly old man

Alone on the edge of the tub thinking on dying as an end

There’s stale beer and Cuban food and

Artistic stuff I guess

Not sure what it’s all for. The women don’t see me


Jacks took the the needle off the record and in the silence

Painted the walls with his brains

They came and paid

I was holding the microphone

“Myyyyyyyssssssterrrry lust I confessed. ! ”

Lights bright

it’s so mystical in my face

I was thinking bout

Quick exit sTage right

Dramatic exit all the rage

I can’t see the crowd what
City is this anyway

Mic stand my prop
My crutch
My weapon to hold me up
Against these thoughts
They want me to say
What I have wrought

Please slow me down
If you haven’t caught

“I don’t want to be sober
Cast a
Weight off my shoulders”

I don’t even know what song they’re playing my brothers.

up    on     THIs
Whatever they’ve been there for so long
I feel it in my veins, god’s piss

Superb star in the dead of night
Shooting up for the masses in a cold stagefright
Problem is they always cheer when I walk away
They never listened what I really tried to say

Rock n toll
Home grown
Small town catastrophe

another pussy
A simple need

I came and went they stayed to bleed

A song that can move me
Maybe a few will see
I was trying to say too
Hero in the underground scene
Some asshole
Promised me
the scenery

While he was. They were
Always. touching me

Well that’s just the way they
Lay Roses on your grave

words and music to say and play

I paid you to come see me sweat tonight
To slur my words it’ll be aight
What suprised me most after I failed
Is how many of you 2nd nighters
Still prevailed

Deep inside
Under the lights

I’m holding breaths trying to breathe right
Counting down from 1 to 10
Trying to slow my own heartbeat again

i feel my knees give way, the shaking of my hands
I don’t know you or my own damn band
Myself or this girl who
?wife besides me stands
I know that I can hold a note
And you seem to like
What I type                   (remember what you wrote)

So I mis th wor I    M incomplete

So I’m off the beat
And Pass along some demon seed
I pissed myself again.    my feet
Fell underneath my seat
But the peeps they call
They cheer they scream
And I’m booked again in Calgary

“I [garbled sound]”
Stage dive crowd surf the
Set was found

I’m just concentrating on obscure sounds

caterpillars fall off walls and they always

(crawl again) rebound

So long, island

Ruefully denied an opportunity to watch basketball
In two different locations
The places over packed and full
Yankees repeats every station

No 76ers, Bucks or Bulls

So I’m stuck eating food named after my home town
Made so wrong it should be illegal
In a bar thats trying to be renowned
About as authentic as a seagull

Pink flamingos more profound

First to my left a couple in tight embrace
He is chastising her endeavors
Yet has her lips all his to taste
Every high haired desperate housewife
Drawing his attention as she waits

Next over a lady in a seventies business suit
Of bright red puffy shoulders group
Gold chain hangs on her glasses
Got her face in a bowl of soup

Another couple to her left
Again he’s busy eyeing a younger prize
While she’s licking her straw and staring my way
What they’re up to can’t surmise

And than in walks french south Africa
Places his jacket on my chair. Asks to change the channel so again I’m-

-Now hold on a damn second! As foreign. As I may be,
Have I walked into a nightmare full of assholes of highest degree?

Piano man or not I have to stand my ground.
But old red blouse waves her money and I’m forced to wear a frown.
As a large greasy haired gorilla says it’s time to leave his town

Someone hands me a poker chip
Says remember from where you came
Tell this story to your friends
And don’t ever come back again

All of this

Is it maybe possible
I finally don’t give a damn
Stooping to their levels anymore
Feeding from small hands

I curse the way I used to
Not roll with it baby
Standing crying in the vegetable aisle
Because big boys had their say

I cannot win these wars
Making my own enemies out of
Shadowed glances from empty cars

Instead she called me empty
Right into my face
So I smiled and thanked her for being
The image I’d already made

Is it maybe possible
I’ve grown into my own life
You all can’t define me
When the love is here inside

And yet I wake up on the floor
And push the table aside
I grope around for a silver spoon
Won’t someone turn on the light?

And I listen and I look and capture
All of this
So I can share it with the someone
Who won’t read it and hate it and
Take a piss

That someone I will never read to
Never talk about politics
Never share laughter or a

Moonlight salty guilty kiss
Never get to say I’m sorry

For all
of this

The carpet feels abrasive against my old and tired skin I push myself up with one asleep and reddened hand I reach up to the wallpaper my lonely hotel friend it’s New York city outside stories never end I cannot bear to listen on all fours I hang my head there are bugs crawling into my ears and another dying trend at least when they find my body

All the words I scribbled

All (they will)

of (have their)


They will have their say

Atkins dye it in Memphis

Gibbs is without a dragon on a cold Tuesday night
but baseball is on thats whatsup
so he is feeling just alright

Go back to his Room paid for by his company I sit in his car name is fucken me

Slow to goddam French pride. Salty fries American slight

Who knows we reach for fried food in this

Fatso cry

who stole our walk past that hotel bar never know what’s gonna happen once inside

just nothing or maybe another night

of poetry maybe another

He just climbs

thats the elevator

falls asleep In drunken pride

If you choked back a mouthful try

to talk into his phone

In 20A in Hebrew cries out rain drops and monotone

Maybe this will be the night that he dies in the way in that he goes

Like Elvis on a toilet in a fieldhouse


The wind it slows.

I stepped outside for his last few bites cold rain upon his face

To feel the rhythm of mother Earth who

just to escape the human race

Another. Knight when is this overrun seems so bland I’ll too want to die

Was it once? so was it fun?

won’t pay attention to what was sought

The earth us overrun

And I’ve lost my train of