Dogs can’t even talk

I hope to write enough cliches to make you hate me long enough to realize life is too short for that

Did you ever wish that you had not wasted an opportunity because you were sad and then became more sad because you wasted an opportunity?

I got off the elevator on the wrong floor today on purpose. Everything was just progressing so fast.

Well it doesn’t matter. My dog told me so.

My mother in law’s doing fine now thank you for asking. On Father’s Day we had to leave the bathroom door open and we can hear her flatulence ^oh my God what are they feeding her?^ the stink

but none of us could live with what happened last time. she lay there for nearly an hour because well we all thought we always think we just say

that it’s OK

I like sports bars because so many people. you know they’re there and

they believe in something and its just fun to watch them. The people. Like dogs.

Well it doesn’t matter


I was dreaming I was back working
Around people

I developed a nervous tick again

I started thinking about
Where did I park my truck
Someone is talking at me

There it is. My bottom lip makes a clicking sound

I was dreaming it was my old job
Before the therapy and drugs
And that cold stomach
And the bed wetting

The sound of my lip woke me
To my sweat soaked

I was dreaming

I still had her

5 long seconds too short

The ginger across from me was fixing her hair when I noticed tattooed on the inside of her arm

“what will your verse be?”

Our eyes met and there was nothing either of us could do to avoid being the only ones on the crowded bus

I knew right away she grew up pining for a sister

I knew that the person who first convinced her she was beautiful made her realize her name Emery is not dumb but perfect

would be the first person to crush her and leave for
easier love

I knew she held her mother’s hands and watched her slip away

Sinking into that bed

I knew she still had nibble marks on her favorite book and would caress them with her fingertips remembering, hating herself for being angry when her dog did that.

I knew she just got a promotion but regretted all the things she had to do to get there

And I knew she wanted me to help her feel less lost, to accept her sneeze, to never lose patience as she paints

her toenails,

can’t decide where to eat.

We could shoot hoops and ride skateboards and have tater tots with breakfast and

never have to make it weird.

But she also knows.

I’m already



Everyone knew way before I did that I was gonna fuck up I just had to listen

Sunday afternoon sun. Skin will glisten

I just read

These scripts

“what’s under there”

and she said

teats. (So as not to ryme like tits)

And I know what it’s like

To have a best friend.

And then again

I’ve never left LoDo before but here I


She bought me 2 shots and said

I was close. But didn’t ryme with.


So I moved a little more north.

Schwag | my exit left

Those pink thin high clouds again

Someone must be lonely

Rob is singing about 3am

Right on cue fly the geese.

My friends

look at the crowd just buying in

I miss the bouncers and corner stage

Drunken college kid
Daddy’s money good old days

Now its buses and

I took my dog for a walk

in the rain

Forgot about the lights and center


Everyone has to shit sometime

And rover was so happy

(Even In my rage)

To get back so impatient to the story

I might die tomorrow but I’m not afraid

As long as I piss my territory

And my agent gets rightfully paid

And Yea. To get back to the stage

Schwag | How We End Up

Stopped at a light sitting in my Journey
The red of my hood turned to green

cool morning Indiana field

With my star garden and sound bucks
conditioned air feels like luck

And I’m suddenly locked eyes
Desparate Luring
Bloodily cocked eyes

I was once homeless too Mr Deep
But the world called me rockstar
We never find a safe place to sleep
When the house you’re in is so far

Til we all just disappear

The honk of a horn awakes me
The light turning, colors of line 2
In a blink you’re unborn it escapes thee
Foot on gas its all in rearview

No tell motel

Bathed in the neon of a marketing scam

Laying alone on a hotel floor

Wondering why I even have a phone

People don’t want to talk to me

_Ring ring_

Next door a fat sad old man

Rubs a picture of Katy Perry

And wonders why people are no good

To each other

A cat outside my window cleans its paw

And there is a distant sound of a gunshot

Soon the sirens

Tomorrow will be here again, for what its worth

I wish it would rain.

I can only sleep

Bathed in the wash as it all goes away

Laying alone on a no tell war